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Supernova Boat Sales & Class Information

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“The Supernova is a boat of similar and slightly larger vital statistics than an International Laser but with a completely different approach to the rig. A stayed, foredeck mounted, bendy mast supports an eight square metre fully battened Mylar loose footed mainsail on a stiff alloy boom – with track attachments for mainsheet blocks, kicker and clew outhaul.” Quoted from

Supernova – a Single Handed Racing Dinghy

The Supernova sailing dinghy is a single-handed racing dinghy designed for sailors of various skill levels. It is particularly popular among adult sailors, although it can also be sailed by older youth sailors and teenagers. The boat is designed to offer exciting and competitive sailing while remaining accessible to a wide range of sailors.

Colour Coded Control Lines

The Supernova has similarities to other single-handed dinghies like the Laser (ILCA7) and Solo. It features a modern, lightweight design with an 8m² fully battened mainsail. The boat is known for its responsive handling, which provides an exhilarating sailing experience for more experienced sailors. Unlike the Laser, the Supernova has an abundance of adjustments the helm can make while sailing. Running adjustments can be made to the Kicking Strap, Cunningham/Tack downhaul and Clew outhaul – all with colour coded control lines on both deck sides.

A Competitive UK Racing Fleet

In terms of popularity in the UK, the Supernova sailing dinghy has gained a strong following. The class has a dedicated association, the Supernova Class Association (SCA), which organizes events, regattas, and championships throughout the year. The Supernova fleet is active in various sailing clubs across the UK, particularly in England, and the boat has a reputation for competitive racing and a friendly community.

A Growing Class around the UK

While it may not be as widely recognized as some other dinghy classes, the Supernova has steadily grown in popularity over the years. Its performance characteristics, versatility, and active class association have contributed to its appeal among sailors looking for a single-handed racing dinghy that offers a balance between performance and accessibility.

Overall, the Supernova sailing dinghy is a popular choice for adult sailors in the UK who are seeking a single-handed racing experience. Its growing popularity, dedicated class association, and active racing circuit make it an attractive option for those looking to compete and enjoy the vibrant sailing community associated with the class.

What the UK Class Association say

The Supernova features a powerful rig that can be controlled by three lines, kicker, clew outhaul and Cunningham, easily adjusted while sailing so that the rig can be altered to suit a wide range of crew weight (60 – 90 Kg) and de-powered as wind strengths increase. The hull volume and shape contributes a stable platform for the rig and with little tendency to bury the bow or to gripe to windward, when allowed to heel, the overall sailing characteristics are safe and predictable. The initial design was launched in 1996 and favourably reviewed in the yachting press.

While the Supernova is fundamentally easy to sail it is a demanding boat to sail well. A strict one design asfar as hull, sail plan and foils are concerned there is some freedom to adjust fittings and cordage. Even with only three control lines there are many permutations to try and the adjustments possible to rig tension and mast and spreader positions add to the possible variations

Supernova Portsmouth Yardstick

The Portsmouth Yardstick is used to calculate the performance of mixed classes of boats in a handicap race. The lower the PY the faster the boat. For illustration – a Dart 18 has a PY of 832, a Laser 1 ILCA7 has a PY of 1100 and a Topper has a PY of 1365. More information and later PY numbers can be found here – RYA PY

  • Supernova PY number is currently 1077

Supernova in Action – Gallery

This area will show images of the Supernova supplied by the class association. In the meantime – here’s a few I took a while ago during North West Norfolk Week

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Supernova Sailing Dinghies for Sale

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Due to age I've stopped sailing and sad to see my last boat go. Cover not too good, two sets of sails both sound but old. Some of the rigging lines could do with replacing. Apart from that the boat has served me well for some years. Launching trolley and trailer.

Price: £600.00
Posted in - Supernova
Date posted - 03/10/2023

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