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RS Tera Boat Sales & Class Information

RS Tera Boat Sales. A fleet of RS Tera Sailing Dinghies racing at the World Championships

All photos are courtesy of the RS Sailing website –

I wish the RS Tera had been around when I was a youngster. The RS Tera is a fantastic introduction to single handed dinghy racing. Available with two mainsail sizes there’s a Tera for all youngsters. It’s an excellent progression from an Optimist for sailors looking for something a little livelier. The RS Tera is simple to rig and easy to right if capsized.

Introduction to the RS Tera

The RS Tera dinghy is another popular sailboat designed for young sailors, similar to the Optimist but with some distinct differences. It is suitable for young sailors aged 8 to 16 years old, providing a progression from smaller boats like the Optimist.

Performance Orientated Youth Boat

The RS Tera features a modern design with a more performance-oriented approach compared to the Optimist. It has a single sail and can be sailed single-handed or with a crew of two, allowing young sailors to experience both solo and team sailing. The boat’s design incorporates a contemporary hull shape, a trapeze system, and a Mylar sail, providing a more exciting and challenging sailing experience for intermediate and advanced young sailors.

Boats most similar to the RS Tera

In terms of similarity to other boats, the RS Tera has some similarities with the Laser Pico and the RS Feva. These boats are also popular choices for youth sailors looking to progress beyond the Optimist. The Laser Pico is a versatile boat suitable for beginners and intermediate sailors, while the RS Feva is a high-performance double-handed dinghy designed for youth sailors.

The UK RS Tera Scene

In the UK, the RS Tera has gained popularity and has become a prominent choice for young sailors. The boat’s modern design, exciting performance, and suitability for a wide age range have contributed to its growing popularity. It is often used in sailing clubs, training programs, and competitive events for youth sailors throughout the country.

Perfect Dinghy for Developing Youth

The RS Tera has a supportive community and a dedicated class association in the UK, organizing events, regattas, and championships for Tera sailors. This provides opportunities for young sailors to develop their skills, compete against their peers, and be part of a vibrant sailing community.

In summary, the RS Tera dinghy is a popular choice for young sailors seeking a more performance-oriented sailing experience beyond the Optimist. Its design, versatility, and growing popularity in the UK make it a fantastic option for young sailors looking to progress and enjoy the sport of sailing.

What RS Sailing say about their Tera

Fast and exciting 21st century single-hander that looks cool and makes sailing addictive. From entry level to international competition the RS Tera gets kids hooked on sailing. And that’s exactly what we want. It’s packed with features that make sailing safe and easy. It comes up dry from a capsize. It’s quick and simple to rig by youngsters. It’s tough. Two sail sizes mean small novices and experienced teenagers love the RS Tera equally, so parents do too. Above all, at the beach with family – or on the World Circuit with international competitors – the emphasis is on fun afloat while building incredible sailing experiences. Perfect.

RS Tera Portsmouth Yardstick

The Portsmouth Yardstick is used to calculate the performance of mixed classes of boats in a handicap race. The lower the PY the faster the boat. For illustration – a Dart 18 has a PY of 832, a Laser 1 ILCA7 has a PY of 1100 and a Topper has a PY of 1365. More information and later PY numbers can be found here – RYA PY

  • RS Tera Sport PY number – 1359
  • RS Tera Pro PY number – 1445

The RS Tera SPORT features a 4.8m² mainsail. The RS Tera PRO has a smaller 3.7m² mainsail. Other than that – the boats are the same.


The photos below are all courtesy of the RS Sailing website –

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RS Tera Dinghies for Sale

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