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Laser 1 (ILCA 7, 6 & 4) Boat Sales & Information

ILCA Boat Sales - photo showing ILCA7 Laser sailing dinghies racing offshore

The ILCA is a single-handed racing dinghy. Each dinghy is virtually identical whether they are brand new or 10 years old, meaning that the sailor wins the race, not the boat. The ILCA is a challenging boat that rewards athleticism, subtle steering and trimming techniques, as well as tactical excellence. It is a singlehanded Olympic class boat for both men and women and is sailed at the club, national and international levels. With over 200,000 boats in 140 countries, it is the world’s most popular adult and youth racing sailboat.

Is it a Laser 1 or an ILCA7?

ILCA is an abbreviation of “International Laser Class Association”. The “Laser” was first designed by Ken Bruce in the early 1970s. At that time – LASER – was a product name – today we know it as a huge international brand behind many other popular dinghies including the Laser Bug and the Dart 16 catamaran. When navigating the ILCA waters it can appear a little confusing – ILCA ? Laser ? Basically, unless racing at the highest international level, just remember an ILCA 7 is a Laser 1 with the largest standard mainsail – an ILCA 6 utilises the mid-sized Radial mainsail and the ILCA 4 uses the smallest 4.7 mainsail. All models use the same hull, foils, boom and upper mast section – it’s just the lower mast section that needs to be changed.

ILCA Direct for Class Legal Accessories

The ILCA is a strict ONE DESIGN class. As such, if racing at any level, it is important to ensure all components meet the strict Class Association standards. For that reason this section is sponsored by ILCA Direct – suppliers of Class legal equipment for the ILCA – 7, 6 & 4. They hold in stock a complete inventory of accessories for class legal racing. Everything from complete boats to self-bailer springs – all at discounted prices for members. CLICK the BANNER below to visit their website directly

Laser 1 Portsmouth Yardstick number

The Portsmouth Yardstick is used to calculate the performance of mixed classes of boats in a handicap race. The lower the PY the faster the boat. For illustration – a Dart 18 has a PY of 832 and a Topper has a PY of 1365. More information and later PY numbers can be found here – RYA PY

  • ILCA7 – Standard rig = 1100
  • ILCA6 – Radial rig = 1147
  • ILCA4 – 4.7m rig = 1208

ILCA7 – Laser 1 Gallery

The ILCA Laser is probably the most popular dinghy on the planet (or maybe that’s the Sunfish). The photos below show various Laser 1 previously advertised on this website.. The other images illustrate the raw power and exhilaration experienced when racing the Laser 1 down wind in rough seas.

Laser 1 useful links

Laser 1 / ILCA 7 for Sale

If you have got an ILCA7 (Laser 1) you’d like to sell – please advertise it FREE on DinghyMart. We will help sell your boat by sharing it on relevant social media pages. Remember – if you found this page so will someone else looking to buy or sell an ILCA7 / Laser 1.

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Laser Standard 186371 For Sale

Laser Standard 186371 For Sale

This is a classic Laser Standard competitively priced for a quick pre-season sale. The boat has not been sailed for over three years and is in good condition. The hull has some cosmetic repairs, the centreboard is functional but will probably need replacing. The Mast and spars are in excellent condition, it comes with an 8:1 Cunningham/XD Control Lines/Carbon Fibre Tiller and Extension/Foil Bag/Top Cover/Launching Trolley/Mk2 Radial Cut Sail (two years of use - a one year old Mk2 sail can be included for an extra £150)

Price: £1,675.00
Posted in - ILCA (Laser)
Date posted - 03/03/2024
Laser Dinghy for sale

Laser Dinghy for sale

Laser Dinghy 195253 for sale, only one owner and very well maintained meaning boat is still in great condition. Boat is fully kitted with: Harken XD racing kit Carbon tiller and tiller extension GRP dagger board Rudder Standard sail All aluminium spars including two top masts Foil bag Great for someone wanting a quality boat without having to break the bank. There is a road trailer based in a different location currently. If interested in this, this will be an additional cost on top of the £2600.

Price: £2,600.00
Posted in - ILCA (Laser)
Greater Manchester
Date posted - 11/02/2024
ILCA Laser 207287

ILCA Laser 207287

Laser 207287. Standard and Radial. Gunwhale hung launching trolley Very good condition. Watertight hull, never taken in a drop of water. 4 sails: Mk2 genuine standard 7/10, Mk2 replica standard 5/10, Mk1 genuine standard 4/10, genuine radial 4/10. GRP foils in great condition. Foil bag. Rooster top and bottom covers. Photos available on request. Available to view in Washington, Tyne and Wear.

Price: £3,300.00
Posted in - ILCA (Laser)
Tyne & Wear
Date posted - 22/01/2024
PSA ILCA '4' 2234+ sail number

PSA ILCA '4' 2234+ sail number

PSA ILCA 4 for sale - 2234+ sail number BRAND NEW PSA ILCA 4 - ILCA Class Approved. Fully Harken Fully Carbon N1 foils Dinghy Star Pro 5mm Dyneema traveller rope Zhik II toe strap Launching trolley Top and under cover Foil bag Collection or delivery at an extra cost, to be advised.

Price: £7,224.00
Posted in - ILCA (Laser)
Date posted - 06/10/2022

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