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Cornish Coble

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The Cornish Coble is a traditional boat designed for leisure sailing and light fishing. It features a clinker-built design, characterised by overlapping wooden planks, which gives it a distinctive appearance and structural strength. Aimed at boating enthusiasts who appreciate classic craftsmanship and enjoy coastal cruising or inland waterways, the Cornish Coble is particularly popular among those who seek a nostalgic and hands-on sailing experience. Its design is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, often drawing the attention of maritime heritage lovers and hobbyist sailors.

Where is it Sailed

In the UK, the Cornish Coble is especially popular in coastal regions such as Cornwall, Devon, and the broader South West. These areas are known for their rich maritime history and scenic waters, which make them ideal for using such traditional vessels. The coble's shallow draft and stable design allow it to navigate the varied waters of this region effectively, from rocky coastlines to sheltered bays and estuaries. Boating communities in these areas often celebrate the coble as a symbol of local maritime culture, hosting events and gatherings that showcase these classic boats.

Cornish Coble Alternatives

For those interested in boats similar to the Cornish Coble, the Drascombe Lugger and the Norfolk Gypsy are excellent alternatives. The Drascombe Lugger, like the coble, is a traditional open sailing boat with a reputation for stability and versatility, suitable for both coastal and inland waters. It features a simple rigging system and ample space, making it a favourite for family outings and casual sailing.

The Norfolk Gypsy, on the other hand, is a compact gaff-rigged sailing boat known for its robust build and ease of handling. It combines traditional design with modern materials, offering a comfortable and reliable sailing experience. Both of these alternatives provide a similar blend of classic aesthetics and practical performance, appealing to the same demographic that appreciates the Cornish Coble.

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Cornish Coble for Sale

Cornish Coble

Cornish Coble

Cornish Coble Sail number 54, good overall condition. Comes with fishermans anchor and warp, road trailer, oars, boat hook ,furling jib. Purpose made tabernacle for painless mast raising.Easily trailed, launched and sailed single handed. Simple but efficient standing lug rig, loose footed boomless main providing good windward performance. Can accommodate twin outboard motors in rear well. A solidly built graceful and versatile craft with years of life left in her. 16 ft long weight 270kg only draws 8inches with centre board up, room for 5 crew. Berthed in Teignmouth

Price: £2,750.00
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Date posted - 08/06/2024