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Hawk 20

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The Hawk 20 is a renowned British sailing boat designed by Reid Marine, celebrated for its robust construction and exceptional performance. This versatile trailer-sailer boasts a self-draining cockpit, a fractional rig, and a high ballast ratio, ensuring both safety and responsiveness across a range of sailing conditions. The Hawk 20 is aimed at a broad spectrum of sailing enthusiasts, from novices to seasoned sailors who relish day sailing, racing, or even light cruising. Its stable and forgiving nature makes it particularly appealing to families and those seeking a dependable, low-maintenance sailing experience.

Popular UK Sailing Locations

In the UK, the Hawk 20 is a popular choice in coastal regions and inland waters alike. Noteworthy sailing locations where the Hawk 20 is frequently spotted include the Solent, the Norfolk Broads, and the lochs of Scotland. These areas are renowned for their scenic beauty and favourable sailing conditions, drawing a vibrant community of sailors who appreciate the Hawk 20’s versatility and performance. The boat’s ease of trailering enhances its appeal, allowing owners to explore various sailing destinations without being tied to a single mooring. Sailing clubs and regattas often feature the Hawk 20, underscoring its suitability for both competitive racing and leisurely cruises.

Hawk 20 Alternatives

For those interested in boats similar to the Hawk 20, the Drascombe Drifter and the Cape Cutter 19 are excellent alternatives. The Drascombe Drifter, a traditional yawl-rigged boat, offers comparable versatility and ease of handling. Known for its classic design, spacious cockpit, and ability to be sailed single-handedly or with a crew, it appeals to those who value a traditional sailing experience.

The Cape Cutter 19, meanwhile, is a modern interpretation of a traditional gaff-rigged boat, providing excellent sailing performance and the convenience of being trailerable. It features a cabin for overnight stays, making it suitable for extended cruising. Both of these alternatives combine traditional aesthetics with modern performance, appealing to the same demographic that appreciates the Hawk 20 for its practicality and enjoyment on the water.

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Hawk 20 for Sale

Hawk 20 Day Sailer - 2006

Hawk 20 Day Sailer - 2006

Hull number 284, year 2006 in good condition, only used for some seasons within her life. lifting keel all serviced and rudder has had an overhaul last season, boat has solar powered tick tack for racing and depth sounder. Hull is anti fouled ready for season. I have owned for several years but boat has been moth balled in my garage as have other boats so limited use for year. Trailer is bespoke to boat with good bearings etc. I ordered new in 2018 direct from manufacturer, a spinnaker, new spinnaker pole and frame pole, camping cover and new foresail,…

Price: £9,500.00
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Date posted - 28/04/2024