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Drascombe Lugger

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The Drascombe Lugger is aimed at both novice sailors looking to enjoy leisurely cruises and seasoned sailors seeking a reliable and responsive vessel for more challenging adventures. Its stable and forgiving nature makes it perfect for family outings or solo trips along the coast.

Drascombe Lugger on the water

The Drascombe Lugger is particularly popular in coastal regions of the UK, such as Cornwall and Devon, where its traditional charm and robust performance resonate with local sailors. While not primarily a racing boat, informal races and regattas featuring the Lugger can be found in these areas, adding a competitive edge to the sailing community.

The Drascombe brand is synonymous with high-quality craftsmanship and timeless design. In addition to the Lugger, they offer a range of popular models including the Drascombe Dabber, Drascombe Scaffie, and Drascombe Coaster, each catering to different preferences and sailing styles while upholding the brand’s reputation for excellence.

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Drascombe Lugger for Sale

Listing marked as sold.Drascombe Lugger MK 3 number 1401 £3750

Drascombe Lugger MK 3 number 1401 £3750 This listing is marked as sold.

Drascombe Lugger MK 3 number 1401, GRP hull , topsides painted cream, inside gell coat, bottom under water primer coated, boat used in fresh water, Yawl rig, tan gunter mainsail loosed footed, mast in tabernacle for easy raising & lowering of the mast, tan jib on furler, tan mizzen, varnished masts & spars, large locker aft with grp hatch, two smaller open lockers fwd port & stb, long oars with recessed deck stowage, rowlocks, galvanised centre plate & rudder with wooden tiller, gun whales teak oiled, 4 section wood floors, pump fitted , bung fitted, outboard well with optional outboards…

Price: £3,750.00
Posted in - Drascombe Lugger
Dumfries & Galloway
Date posted - 21/04/2024