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The Skeeta is a modern foiling dinghy designed to make high-performance sailing accessible and enjoyable for a wide range of sailors. It is suitable for intermediate to advanced sailors who are looking to experience the thrill of foiling. The Skeeta features a unique design that allows it to be sailed both in displacement mode and foiling mode, making it versatile for various wind conditions and skill levels. It can be sailed single-handedly, which means it is typically managed by one person, offering a dynamic and exhilarating sailing experience.

Skeeta Foiling Dinghy - boat sales and class association information

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Performance Data - Sailing Experience

The Portsmouth Yardstick number for the Skeeta is not officially published due to the relatively recent introduction of foiling boats to the mainstream sailing community and the evolving nature of handicap systems to accommodate foiling craft. However, its performance is comparable to other high-speed foiling dinghies, providing an exciting alternative to traditional dinghies and appealing to sailors who are keen on speed and innovation on the water.

Growing in Popularity

In the UK, the Skeeta is gaining popularity in regions with strong sailing cultures and clubs that embrace modern, high-performance sailing. Coastal areas such as the South Coast, including locations like Hayling Island and the Solent, are particularly enthusiastic about foiling dinghies. Sailing clubs that have a progressive approach to incorporating new sailing technologies and offer facilities and training for foiling are where the Skeeta finds a growing audience.

Skeeta Alternatives

When considering alternatives to the Skeeta, two notable options are the Waszp and the Moth. Both the Waszp and the Moth provide alternatives to the Skeeta in terms of performance and use, offering high-speed, foiling experiences that cater to different levels of expertise and budget considerations. These boats are similar in size and intended for single-handed sailing, making them direct competitors in the realm of high-performance dinghy sailing.

The Waszp

The Waszp is a one-design foiling dinghy that offers a similar high-performance foiling experience. It is designed to be more affordable and accessible compared to the Moth, making it a popular choice for sailors looking to get into foiling. The Waszp has a Portsmouth Yardstick number of around 740, reflecting its high-speed capabilities. It is well-suited for sailors transitioning to foiling due to its robust design and ease of use.

International Moth

The International Moth is another high-performance foiling dinghy that is considered the pinnacle of foiling sailing. With a Portsmouth Yardstick number of approximately 570, the International Moth is one of the fastest dinghies on the water. It is best suited for highly skilled sailors who have experience with foiling and are looking for the ultimate performance dinghy. The Moth's lightweight and sophisticated design make it a challenging but rewarding boat to sail, attracting elite sailors and those who compete at the highest levels of the sport.

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Selling a Skeeta?

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Skeeta for Sale

Skeeta foiling dinghy

Skeeta foiling dinghy

Skeeta filing dinghy. Just 2 yrs old. 8.5m2 sail. This has more beam than a Wasp or Moth and is more stable. Comes complete with launching trolley, tuning/set-up manual and storage/transit bags for hull, foils and spars. In addition I have had made a bespoke full boat cover as can be seen in the photos. Currently at the club on Southampton Water, but I can deliver.

Price: £7,900.00
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Date posted - 02/03/2023