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The Solution is a modern single-handed dinghy designed for performance sailing, targeting intermediate to advanced sailors who seek a versatile and competitive racing boat. Created by Kevin Clarke and Andrew Elliott, the Solution features a sophisticated yet straightforward design, making it accessible for those who have progressed beyond beginner levels and are looking for a responsive and engaging sailing experience. With a length of 3.75 metres (12 feet 4 inches) and a beam of 1.42 metres (4 feet 8 inches), the Solution is designed to be manageable for a single sailor, providing excellent control and manoeuvrability on the water.

Performance and Sailing Experience

The Solution is designed for solo sailing, meaning it is typically crewed by just one person. This makes it an ideal choice for sailors who enjoy the challenge and freedom of single-handed sailing. The boat has a Portsmouth Yardstick (PY) number of 1085, reflecting its performance capabilities in racing conditions. The PY number is a handicap system used in the UK to allow different types of dinghies to race against each other, with the Solution's number indicating a good balance between speed and handling, making it competitive in mixed fleets.

Popularity in the UK

In the UK, the Solution is popular in various sailing clubs across the country, particularly in regions known for active dinghy racing communities. Areas such as the south coast of England, including Hampshire and Dorset, as well as the inland waters of Rutland and Grafham Water, see significant numbers of Solution dinghies. These locations provide ideal conditions for racing and have strong sailing clubs that support competitive dinghy sailing, contributing to the boat's popularity among enthusiasts who appreciate its performance and handling.

Solution Alternatives

For sailors interested in modern alternatives to the Solution, the RS Aero, ILCA (Laser) and the D-Zero are notable options. The RS Aero, ILCA and the D-Zero offer similar performance, size, and use as the Solution, making them attractive alternatives for sailors looking for a high-performance single-handed dinghy.

RS Aero

The RS Aero, designed by Jo Richards, is a lightweight, single-handed dinghy that offers exceptional performance and ease of handling. With multiple rig options, the RS Aero caters to a wide range of sailor weights and skill levels, making it a versatile and competitive choice. Choose from RS Aero 5,6,7 or 9 - same hull, different rig sizes.

D Zero

The D-Zero, designed by Dan Holman, is another modern single-handed dinghy known for its sleek design and impressive performance. It features a simple rig and a light hull, providing excellent speed and agility on the water. 


The ILCA (previously known as the Laser) is a classic and widely recognized single-handed dinghy, offering similar performance and versatility, making it a perennial favourite for sailors of all levels. Each of these alternatives provides a similar blend of performance, size, and use, catering to sailors who appreciate the qualities of the Solution.

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Harken hull is in very good condition with blue padded cockpit. Rudder and centre board in good condition, centre board gasket good. Hyde Full Sail in good condition although probably not fully competitive any more, comes with bag. Most of the continuous control lines replaced last year. New main halyard just replaced New J J Boats foot straps replaced end of last season. Harken blocks all round. Unfortunately, only has the launching part of the combi trailer i.e. no road trailer. Top cover is about 3 years old Although an earlier Solution it has been very well looked after, and…

Price: £1,600.00
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Date posted - 11/06/2024