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The Solo dinghy is a classic, single-handed sailing boat designed for sailors of all ages, particularly appealing to those who enjoy tactical and competitive racing. It is ideal for intermediate to advanced sailors who appreciate a boat that offers a mix of performance and comfort. The Solo is known for its stable yet responsive handling, making it a popular choice for club racers and those who enjoy day sailing.

Solo Dinghy - Boat Sales and Information

Errol Edwards, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


The Solo is designed for a single crew member. Its spacious cockpit and straightforward rigging system make it manageable for one person to handle, providing a rewarding sailing experience that emphasises skill and strategy. The boat’s design includes a fully battened mainsail, which contributes to its excellent performance in various wind conditions.

Performance & Sailing Experience

The Portsmouth Yardstick (PY) number for the Solo dinghy is approximately 1145. This PY number places the Solo in a competitive yet accessible performance range, offering a balance between speed and stability. The Solo's performance characteristics make it suitable for both competitive racing and leisurely sailing.

Popularity in the UK

The Solo is highly popular across the UK, with strong fleets at many sailing clubs, particularly in inland waters and estuaries. Clubs like Salcombe Yacht Club, Hayling Island Sailing Club, and Draycote Water Sailing Club have active Solo fleets, hosting regular races and events. Its popularity is bolstered by a strong class association that organizes national championships and regional events, fostering a vibrant Solo sailing community.

Solo Alternatives

ILCA 7 / Laser

The ILCA 7 (previously known as the Laser) is a well-known single-handed dinghy that offers similar performance and handling to the Solo. With a PY number around 1100, the ILCA 7 is slightly faster and is known for its simplicity and competitive racing scene. It is highly popular worldwide and has a large presence in the UK, making it a common alternative for those seeking competitive single-handed sailing.

RS Aero 7

The RS Aero 7 is another modern alternative to the Solo, featuring a lightweight design and excellent performance. With a PY number around 1070, it is faster than the Solo and offers a more contemporary sailing experience. The RS Aero 7 is popular in the UK, especially among sailors looking for a high-performance yet easy-to-handle dinghy.


The Streaker is a similar-sized single-handed dinghy with a PY number of about 1162. It is designed for sailors who prefer a lighter and more responsive boat. The Streaker is popular in the UK, particularly among club racers and those who enjoy tactical sailing in a variety of conditions. It offers a comparable sailing experience to the Solo, with a strong class association and active racing circuit.

These alternatives provide options for sailors who appreciate the Solo’s balance of performance and stability but may be interested in exploring boats with different characteristics and racing opportunities.

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Solo for Sale

Solo 4089 For Sale

Solo 4089 For Sale

A very beautiful Solo made by Severn Sailboats. It is in very nice condition with beautiful wood decks and GRP hull. It is ready to sail and comes complete with 2 Hyde mainsails and a B Sail, a combination road and launch trolley. It can be viewed at Silver Wing SC near Wraysbury/Jct 13 M25. Reasonable offers accepted.

Price: £1,099.00
Posted in - Solo
Date posted - 06/06/2024
Solo with road trailer for sale

Solo with road trailer for sale

Solo for sale. Needs attention (it could do with a new rudder and a new sail) but the hull and mast are good. Has a road trailer but no launching trolley (you can launch it from the trailer). Offers considered.

Price: £30.00
Posted in - Solo
Date posted - 25/04/2024