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RS Zest

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The RS Zest is designed for a wide range of sailors, from beginners to more experienced sailors looking for a versatile and stable dinghy. It is particularly popular in sailing schools and clubs due to its robust construction and ease of use. The RS Zest is ideal for families, beginners, and training programs because it provides a forgiving and stable platform for learning and recreational sailing.

RS Zest Family Focused Sailing Dinghy - Boat Sales and Information

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RS Zest Crew

The RS Zest is designed to comfortably accommodate, one, two or three sailors. Its spacious cockpit can handle an adult and two children, or two adults, making it a great choice for family sailing outings or for instructors teaching beginners. The boat’s layout is straightforward, ensuring that even novice sailors can quickly get to grips with handling and rigging.

Performance and Sailing Experience

The Portsmouth Yardstick number for the RS Zest is approximately 1200. This PY number indicates that the RS Zest is not primarily focused on high-performance racing but rather on providing a stable, enjoyable sailing experience that is accessible to sailors of all levels.

Popularity in the UK

The RS Zest is popular in various sailing clubs and schools across the UK, particularly in locations that prioritize training and family-friendly sailing experiences. Its durability and low maintenance needs make it a favourite among sailing schools and rental fleets. Coastal clubs, as well as inland sailing venues, have embraced the RS Zest for its reliability and ease of use.

RS Zest Alternatives

Laser Pico

The Laser Pico is a similar-sized dinghy, known for its durability and ease of handling. Like the RS Zest, it is popular in sailing schools and clubs due to its robust construction. The Laser Pico is also designed for two to three crew members and offers a stable platform for beginners. Its Portsmouth Yardstick number is around 1260, slightly higher than the RS Zest, indicating it is a bit slower but equally suited for training and recreational sailing.


The Topper is another excellent alternative, particularly for younger sailors. It is a single-handed dinghy, but it can accommodate an adult and a child for training purposes. The Topper is known for its simplicity and ease of use, making it a favourite in junior sailing programs. Its Portsmouth Yardstick number is approximately 1290, reflecting its focus on accessibility rather than high performance.

RS Quba

The RS Quba is another versatile training dinghy, similar in concept to the RS Zest. It is designed to be easy to handle and is suitable for one or two sailors. The RS Quba has a Portsmouth Yardstick number of around 1250, placing it in a similar performance bracket as the RS Zest. It is popular in sailing schools and clubs for its durability and user-friendly design.


The RS Zest is an ideal dinghy for beginners, families, and sailing schools, offering stability, ease of use, and low maintenance. With a Portsmouth Yardstick number of around 1200, it provides an enjoyable sailing experience without the focus on high-performance racing. Popular in sailing schools and clubs across the UK, the RS Zest stands out for its versatility and reliability. Alternatives such as the Laser Pico, Topper, and RS Quba offer similar performance and are equally well-suited for training and recreational sailing.

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BRAND NEW - UNUSED WITH ROAD TRAILER AND LAUNCHING TRAILER. SELLING DUE TO NEEDING A BIGGER BOAT! Purchased by my wife as a 50th birthday present. Unused due to being a windsurf fanatic! Everything is brand new.

Price: £4,200.00
Posted in - RS Zest
East Sussex
Date posted - 23/05/2024
RS Zest - as new condition

RS Zest - as new condition

Bought new and commissioned June 2022. Class leading space for two sailors or one adult and two children, boat fitted with a comfy thwart Convenient to sail single handed Comes with job pack (which is unused, still sealed and unopened), wind indicator paddle, deck cover, manual and new launching trolley bought from RS Sailing but NO ROAD TRAILER. This is a great boat for adults or children with today’s replacement cost being just under £5,000. The boat was unused in 2023 and has been dry stored in a garage. It has had little use, truly in immaculate, as new condition…

Price: £2,800.00
Posted in - RS Zest
Date posted - 13/03/2024