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RS Tera

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The RS Tera is a modern, single-handed sailing dinghy designed primarily for young sailors aged 8 to 14. It is well-regarded for its lightweight and durable polyethylene construction, which makes it easy to handle both on and off the water. The RS Tera is specifically designed to be a simple yet exciting boat for juniors, offering a great balance of stability and performance that helps build confidence and skills in young sailors.

RS Tera Boat Sales. A fleet of RS Tera Sailing Dinghies racing at the World Championships

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Performance Data - Sailing Experience

The RS Tera has a Portsmouth Yardstick number of approximately 1445 for the Sport rig and around 1364 for the Pro rig, which provides a faster and more challenging sailing experience. This versatility allows the RS Tera to cater to a wide range of skill levels, from beginners using the Sport rig to more advanced sailors using the Pro rig. The boat is popular across the UK, especially in sailing clubs and training centres that focus on youth sailing programs. Clubs like Hayling Island Sailing Club, Rutland Sailing Club, and the Royal Lymington Yacht Club frequently see active RS Tera fleets.

Perfect Starter Boat

The RS Tera is designed for single-handed sailing, which means it is typically sailed by one person. This makes it an excellent boat for young sailors to learn and practice solo sailing techniques, building their independence and confidence on the water. The boat's lightweight and simple rigging also make it easy for young sailors to rig and launch by themselves, further enhancing their sailing experience.

RS Tera Alternatives

When considering alternatives to the RS Tera, two notable options are the Optimist and the Topper. The Optimist is a well-known and widely used single-handed dinghy for young sailors, typically aged 8 to 15. It has a Portsmouth Yardstick number of around 1642, making it slower than the RS Tera. The Optimist is famous for its stability and simplicity, making it an ideal boat for beginners. It is also highly popular worldwide, with a strong presence in youth sailing programs and competitions.

Another alternative is the Topper, which is also a single-handed dinghy designed for young sailors. The Topper is made from durable polypropylene and offers a more advanced sailing experience compared to the Optimist. With a Portsmouth Yardstick number of approximately 1342, it is slightly faster than the RS Tera Sport but similar to the RS Tera Pro. The Topper is known for its toughness and ease of handling, making it a popular choice in youth sailing programs and racing events across the UK. These alternatives provide excellent options for young sailors looking to develop their skills in single-handed dinghies.

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