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RS Neo

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The RS Neo is a modern single-handed sailing dinghy designed for adult sailors looking for a performance-oriented yet easy-to-handle boat. Launched by RS Sailing, the Neo is aimed at those who want to enjoy recreational sailing with the potential for competitive racing. Its design emphasizes simplicity, durability, and performance, making it an excellent choice for both newcomers to the sport and experienced sailors seeking a low-maintenance, high-fun boat. The RS Neo features a robust polyethylene hull that is virtually indestructible, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of frequent use and varied sailing conditions.

RS Neo Boat Sales

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Performance Data - Sailing Experience

The RS Neo has a Portsmouth Yardstick number of approximately 1135, reflecting its balanced performance that makes it competitive in various wind conditions. It is rigged with a single mainsail, which simplifies handling and allows sailors to focus on developing their sailing skills without the complexity of managing multiple sails. The boat's design includes a high boom, providing ample headroom and reducing the risk of head injuries during tacking and gybing, further enhancing its appeal to those seeking a safe and enjoyable sailing experience.

Strong Fleets in Europe and UK

The RS Neo is popular in Europe, particularly in the United Kingdom, where it is frequently used by sailing clubs and schools. Its ease of use, combined with its performance capabilities, makes it a favorite for adult training programs and casual racing events. The Neo's growing popularity is supported by an active class association that organizes events and provides resources for sailors, fostering a vibrant community around this versatile dinghy.

RS Neo Alternatives

Two other boats with similar performance characteristics to the RS Neo are the Laser (ILCA dinghy) and the RS Aero. Both the Laser and the RS Aero offer excellent alternatives for sailors looking for performance-oriented single-handed dinghies.

Laser (ILCA)

The ILCA (Laser), a classic single-handed dinghy, has been a staple in sailing for decades, known for its simplicity and competitive one-design racing. It has a Portsmouth Yardstick number of around 1102 for the Laser Standard rig, offering slightly faster performance but with a similar emphasis on sailor skill.

RS Aero

The RS Aero is a more modern and lightweight single-handed dinghy, known for its advanced materials and high performance, with a Portsmouth Yardstick number around 1061. The Aero provides a more exhilarating sailing experience, catering to those who seek higher speeds and a more responsive boat. 

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RS Neo for Sale

2021 RS Neo - perfect condition

2021 RS Neo - perfect condition

Bought in 2021 and sailed a handful of times before my situation meant I had to give up sailing. This is a fun little boat, nippy and responsive. She is in perfect condition and comes with a launch trolley and a cover. Her rudder and centre board have been kept in the special RS bags, and her sail has been stored at home clean and dry. This is a great buy, to get this boat new would set you back £6k - for a fraction of that price you getting an almost new boat!

Price: £3,600.00
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North Somerset
Date posted - 05/12/2023