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Laser Bahia

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The Laser Bahia is a versatile and stable dinghy designed for a wide range of sailors, from beginners to more experienced sailors looking for a reliable and enjoyable boat for recreational sailing. It is particularly well-suited for family sailing, training purposes, and club use due to its spacious design and forgiving nature. The Bahia is designed to be easy to handle, making it an excellent choice for sailing schools and clubs that cater to novice sailors as well as those who enjoy leisurely sailing outings.

Laser Bahia - Boat Sales and Class Information


The Laser Bahia can comfortably accommodate 2 to 4 crew members, making it a great choice for family sailing or for instructors teaching small groups. Its roomy cockpit and straightforward rigging ensure that multiple people can sail together comfortably, with enough space to move around without feeling cramped. The boat's design includes a mainsail, jib, and an optional asymmetric spinnaker, which adds to the versatility and fun for more adventurous sailors.

Performance & Sailing Experience

The Portsmouth Yardstick number for the Laser Bahia is approximately 1082. This PY number indicates that the Bahia is designed more for stability and ease of use rather than high-speed performance. It provides a good balance between accessibility for beginners and the ability to handle more advanced sailing techniques as sailors gain confidence and experience.

Popularity in the UK

The Laser Bahia is popular across the UK, particularly in sailing schools, training centres, and clubs that focus on providing accessible sailing opportunities. Coastal clubs and inland sailing venues alike appreciate the Bahia for its robust construction and versatility. The boat is frequently used in RYA (Royal Yachting Association) training programs and can be seen at many sailing clubs where the emphasis is on learning and enjoying sailing in a safe and supportive environment.

Laser Bahia Alternatives

RS Vision

The RS Vision is a similar-sized dinghy that offers a comparable experience to the Laser Bahia. It is designed for training, family sailing, and recreational use. The RS Vision features a stable hull, spacious cockpit, and a sail plan that includes a mainsail, jib, and optional spinnaker. Its Portsmouth Yardstick number is around 1105, making it slightly slower than the Bahia but still offering a stable and enjoyable sailing experience. The Vision is also popular in sailing schools and clubs for its durability and ease of handling.


The Wayfarer is another excellent alternative, known for its versatility and robust design. It is a bit larger than the Bahia and can accommodate up to 4 crew members comfortably. The Wayfarer is renowned for its stability and seaworthiness, making it suitable for a range of activities from training and family sailing to cruising and racing. With a Portsmouth Yardstick number of about 1101, it provides similar performance to the Bahia while offering more space and capacity for additional crew or gear.

Topaz Vibe

The Topaz Vibe is another versatile dinghy suitable for training, family sailing, and recreational use. The Topaz Vibe is slightly smaller and lighter, designed for 1 to 3 crew members, with a Portsmouth Yardstick (PY) number around 1190, making it slightly slower but highly manoeuvrable and easy to handle, ideal for beginners and youth sailors


The Laser Bahia is a versatile and stable dinghy ideal for beginners, families, and training programs, with a Portsmouth Yardstick number of around 1082. It is popular in the UK, especially in sailing schools and clubs that focus on accessible and enjoyable sailing experiences. Alternatives such as the RS Vision, Wayfarer, and Topaz Vibe offer similar performance, size, and versatility, making them excellent choices for a range of sailing activities from training to family sailing and recreational use.

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Laser Bahia for Sale

Laser Bahia 2021 only used 8 times

Laser Bahia 2021 only used 8 times

Selling my Laser Bahia 2021 Hull, includes Spinnaker, standard sails that are still crispy and new! Comes with Launch Trolley and Road Trailer with light board, Cover is also included and I have the mast float for the top to stop a fully inverted capsize (currently not fitted but is included) Slight but of damage at the front of the hull from putting it on the trolley once but dosnt effect the sailing what so ever. Only ever been used in fresh water 6-8 times.

Price: £6,000.00
Posted in - Laser Bahia
Date posted - 22/10/2023