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Flying Fifteen

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The Flying Fifteen is a unique and iconic keelboat designed by the legendary Uffa Fox in 1947. This elegant 20-foot dinghy combines the thrills of dinghy sailing with the stability of a keelboat, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of sailors. The boat is designed for a crew of two, with one person helming and the other handling the jib and spinnaker. It features a high-aspect ratio mainsail and a relatively small jib, providing a balanced and responsive sailing experience. The Flying Fifteen is particularly well-suited for those who enjoy competitive sailing and are looking for a boat that offers both performance and stability.

Performance and Sailing Experience

The Flying Fifteen has a Portsmouth Yardstick (PY) number of around 1022, reflecting its competitive performance in mixed-fleet racing. The boat is known for its ability to perform well in a variety of conditions, from light airs to heavy winds. Its design allows it to plane easily, providing exhilarating speed on a reach, while the keel offers stability and makes it forgiving for less experienced sailors.

The Solent and Large Inland Lake Popularity

In the UK, the Flying Fifteen is popular in many sailing clubs, particularly those with active keelboat fleets. It is notably popular in areas such as the Solent, with clubs like the Royal Yacht Squadron and the Cowes Corinthian Yacht Club hosting competitive Flying Fifteen fleets. Inland clubs with large lakes, such as Rutland Sailing Club and Grafham Water Sailing Club, also have strong Flying Fifteen fleets. The boat's versatility makes it a favorite for both coastal and inland sailing.

Alternatives to the Flying Fifteen

Similar boats in terms of performance and crew size include the K6, RS Elite, Dragon and Squib. All these boats offer various options for sailors interested in keelboat sailing, providing different levels of performance and crew requirements while maintaining the excitement and challenge of competitive racing.

K6: The K6 is a modern two-person keelboat that offers a similar blend of performance and stability. It features a large asymmetric spinnaker and a high-performance rig, making it a competitive choice for sailors looking for exciting racing.

RS Elite: The RS Elite is a three-person keelboat known for its sleek design and excellent performance. It is used in many competitive fleets and offers a similar sailing experience to the Flying Fifteen, with a focus on performance and ease of handling.

Dragon: The Dragon is a classic keelboat that can be sailed with a crew of three. While slightly larger and more complex than the Flying Fifteen, it offers comparable performance and is popular in competitive racing circles, particularly in Europe.

Squib: The Squib is a two-person keelboat that is popular in the UK for both racing and cruising. It is slightly slower than the Flying Fifteen but offers a stable and enjoyable sailing experience, making it a good alternative for those seeking a more relaxed sailing environment.

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Flying Fifteen For Sale

Brand new P&B full suit of sails - Flying Fifteen

Brand new P&B full suit of sails - Flying Fifteen

Brand new main and job for Flying Fifteen , made by P&B

Price: £500.00
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Date posted - 21/05/2024