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The Enterprise dinghy is a classic two-person sailing boat, designed in 1956 by Jack Holt. It is aimed at sailors who seek a versatile, performance-oriented dinghy that is suitable for both competitive racing and recreational sailing. The Enterprise features a distinctive blue sail and a simple rigging setup with a mainsail and jib, making it accessible to sailors of varying skill levels. The boat's design focuses on ease of handling and good performance across a range of wind conditions, making it a popular choice for sailing clubs and training programs.

A fleet of Blue Sailed Enterprises - a classic TWO UP sailing dinghy. Boat Sales and Class Information

Faraaz16CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Performance Data - Sailing Experience

The Enterprise has a Portsmouth Yardstick number of approximately 1113, reflecting its balanced performance that makes it competitive in mixed-fleet racing. The boat is designed to be crewed by two people, with the helm managing the mainsail and steering, while the crew handles the jib and assists with balance and trimming. The Enterprise's stability and responsiveness make it an excellent training boat for those learning to sail in pairs, as well as a competitive class for experienced sailors looking to race.

UK Sailing Clubs with strong Enterprise Fleets

Several UK sailing clubs are renowned for having strong and active Enterprise fleets. These clubs host regular racing events, regattas, and training sessions for Enterprise sailors, fostering a vibrant and competitive community. Here are some of the top UK sailing clubs with notable Enterprise fleets:

Burghfield Sailing Club: Located near Reading in Berkshire, Burghfield Sailing Club is well-known for its active and competitive Enterprise fleet. The club frequently hosts regional and national Enterprise events, attracting top sailors from across the country. Midland Sailing Club: Situated in Birmingham, Midland Sailing Club has a long history with the Enterprise class. The club offers regular racing and training opportunities, maintaining a strong and dedicated fleet.

South Staffs Sailing Club: Based in Gailey, Staffordshire, South Staffs Sailing Club boasts one of the most active Enterprise fleets in the UK. The club organizes numerous events throughout the year, including the popular Midland Area Enterprise Circuit. Tewkesbury Cruising & Sailing Club: Located in Gloucestershire, Tewkesbury Cruising & Sailing Club has a robust Enterprise fleet and regularly hosts competitive racing and social events for Enterprise sailors. Elton Sailing Club: Situated in Bury, Greater Manchester, Elton Sailing Club has a vibrant Enterprise fleet. The club hosts frequent races and training sessions, fostering a supportive and competitive environment for Enterprise sailors.

Enterprise Alternatives

Two other boats similar in performance, size, and use to the Enterprise are the Wayfarer and the GP14. The Wayfarer is a larger and more versatile two-person dinghy, known for its robust construction and suitability for both cruising and racing. With a Portsmouth Yardstick number of around 1109, the Wayfarer offers slightly faster performance and is capable of handling more challenging conditions, making it ideal for coastal sailing and extended trips.

The GP14 is another two-person dinghy designed by Jack Holt, like the Enterprise. It features a similar rig with a mainsail and jib, and it also allows for the use of a spinnaker for added performance downwind. The GP14 has a Portsmouth Yardstick number of approximately 1138, offering comparable performance to the Enterprise but with added versatility due to its spinnaker option. Both the Wayfarer and GP14 provide excellent alternatives for sailors looking for boats similar to the Enterprise in terms of performance, size, and versatility.

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Enterprise for Sale

Enterprise complete + Combi-Trailers - VGC - Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk

Enterprise complete + Combi-Trailers - VGC - Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk

Complete ENTERPRISE Dinghy Combination Road Trailer / Launch Trolley Full set of Sails and Rigging Raced at Nationals by previous owner. Very serviceable Sails … but not new. Thoroughly inspected by professional boatbuilder. Brand new over-boom cover … older one included.

Price: £750.00
Posted in - Enterprise
Date posted - 24/05/2023
Enterprise sailing dinghy

Enterprise sailing dinghy

Low maintenance GRP hull. Two suits of sails - racing sails from Speedsails hardly used. Over boom boat cover. Combination road trailer and launching trolley. All in good working condition. An excellent boat for beginner or racing

Price: £850.00
Posted in - Enterprise
Date posted - 25/04/2024