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Dart 18

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The Dart 18 is a popular and versatile sailing catamaran designed for both leisure cruising and competitive racing. With its sleek design and efficient hull shape, it offers thrilling performance on the water. Its lightweight construction and responsive handling make it a joy to sail, particularly in moderate to strong winds where it can really show its agility. Whether you're a seasoned sailor looking for an adrenaline rush or a novice seeking a stable platform to learn the ropes, the Dart 18 delivers an exhilarating experience.

Dart 18 Catamarans For Sale

This catamaran typically accommodates a crew of two, making it a great choice for couples or friends who want to share the excitement of sailing together. Its trapeze system allows sailors to hike out and harness the power of the wind, adding an extra element of challenge and adventure. The Dart 18 has gained popularity in racing circles, thanks to its impressive speed and manoeuvrability.

Performance Data - Sailing Experience

Its Portsmouth Yardstick rating, a measure of a boat's speed relative to other dinghies, varies depending on factors such as wind conditions and crew skill but generally falls around 810-825, reflecting its competitive performance on the racecourse. Whether you're racing against others or simply enjoying a leisurely cruise, the Dart 18 promises an unforgettable sailing experience.

UK Sailing Clubs with strong Dart 18 Fleets

Several UK sailing clubs are known for having strong and active Dart 18 fleets. These clubs frequently host events, regattas, and training sessions specifically for Dart 18 sailors, promoting a vibrant community and competitive environment. 

Worthing Sailing Club - Located on the South Coast, Worthing Sailing Club has a highly active Dart 18 fleet and regularly hosts national and regional events. Stokes Bay Sailing Club - Situated in Gosport, Hampshire, Stokes Bay is renowned for its strong Dart 18 fleet and excellent sailing conditions, making it a popular venue for major championships. Thorpe Bay Yacht Club (TBYC) - Based in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, TBYC has a vibrant Dart 18 fleet and frequently organizes competitive racing and training sessions.

Marconi Sailing Club - Located on the River Blackwater in Essex, Marconi Sailing Club boasts a dedicated Dart 18 fleet and hosts regular events, fostering a strong community of Dart sailors. Island Yacht Club - Situated on Canvey Island, Essex, the Island Yacht Club has an active Dart 18 fleet and provides excellent facilities and support for fleet racing. All these clubs are central to the Dart 18 sailing scene in the UK, offering ample opportunities for sailors to compete, improve their skills, and enjoy the camaraderie of the Dart 18 community.

Dart 18 Alternatives

If you're looking for UK alternatives to the Dart 18, the Hobie Cat 16 and the Nacra 15 are excellent options. 

The Hobie Cat 16 is one of the most iconic catamarans worldwide, known for its exhilarating performance and ease of handling. It features a simple rig with a mainsail and jib, and its asymmetrical hulls provide excellent stability and speed. Similar to the Dart 18, the Hobie Cat 16 is designed for high-speed sailing and is suitable for both recreational sailors and competitive racers. It has a Portsmouth Yardstick number of around 805, making it a close competitor to the Dart 18. The Hobie Cat 16 has a strong presence in the UK with active class associations and numerous racing events.

The Nacra 15 is a modern, high-performance catamaran designed for youth and light adult crews. It features a mainsail, jib, and spinnaker, offering a more advanced sail plan compared to the Dart 18. The Nacra 15 is known for its speed and agility, making it a popular choice for sailors looking to step up from simpler catamarans. Its Portsmouth Yardstick number is around 848, indicating a competitive performance level. The Nacra 15 is gaining popularity in the UK, particularly in youth sailing programs and international competitions.

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Dart 18 For Sale

Dart 18 for sale

Dart 18 for sale

Dart 18 number 5730, good condition, with purpose built roll on/off road trailer and launching trolley. £2,000 Ono For further details contact Adam Clewley 07973653912.

Price: £2,000.00
Posted in - Dart 18
Date posted - 09/03/2023
Dart/ catamaran trailer

Dart/ catamaran trailer

Hi. I'm braking my Dart up for parts. I have fwd beam, aft beam, 2 hulls (spares) , mast ( staright), rudders, tiller, and cross beam, trailor adjustable to different widths. Launching trolley is good just needs foam. Offers on anything . But the trailer. That's £450. Can't add photos. Ask if interested. Thanks!

Price: £500.00
Posted in - Dart 18
Date posted - 19/07/2023