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The Byte is a single-handed sailing dinghy designed for lighter sailors, typically youth and smaller adults. It is an ideal boat for those transitioning from entry-level boats like the Optimist or for smaller sailors who find boats like the Laser too demanding. The Byte is particularly popular among young sailors who are looking to develop their racing skills in a boat that is responsive and easy to handle.

Byte Dinghy - Boat Sales and Information

photo courtesy of Hartley Boats (UK manufacturer)


The Byte is designed to be sailed by one person. Its lightweight and manageable size make it perfect for solo sailors who want to enjoy the independence and challenge of single-handed sailing. The boat’s design focuses on simplicity and performance, allowing sailors to easily rig and handle it on their own.

Performance & Sailing Experience

The Portsmouth Yardstick number for the Byte is approximately 1140. This PY number indicates that the Byte is relatively fast and competitive among single-handed dinghies, providing a thrilling sailing experience while remaining accessible to lighter sailors.

Popularity in the UK

The Byte has a dedicated following in the UK, particularly in sailing clubs with strong youth programs. It is often seen in junior racing circuits and is popular in areas like the South Coast and inland clubs with active youth training schemes. The class association organizes various events and championships, which helps maintain its popularity and provides opportunities for Byte sailors to compete and improve their skills.

Byte Alternatives


The Topper is a similar-sized single-handed dinghy that is also popular among youth sailors and smaller adults. It offers a stable and durable platform for learning and racing. The Topper has a Portsmouth Yardstick number of approximately 1342, making it a bit slower than the Byte but still highly suitable for training and competitive sailing. The Topper is widely used in sailing clubs and youth programs across the UK, known for its ease of handling and robust construction.

RS Tera

The RS Tera is another excellent alternative for young sailors looking for a single-handed dinghy. Designed for ease of use and durability, the RS Tera is perfect for beginners and those transitioning to more competitive sailing. It has a Portsmouth Yardstick number of around 1442 for the Sport rig and 1356 for the Pro rig, offering slightly different performance levels depending on the sailor’s skill and weight. The RS Tera is popular in sailing schools and clubs throughout the UK, particularly for youth training programs.

ILCA 4 (formerly Laser 4.7)

For sailors looking for a higher-performance alternative, the ILCA 4 (formerly known as the Laser 4.7) is a great option. It is a smaller-rigged version of the popular Laser dinghy, designed for lighter sailors. With a Portsmouth Yardstick number of approximately 1147, it offers performance close to that of the Byte but with the added benefit of being part of the larger ILCA (Laser) class, which provides extensive racing opportunities. The ILCA 4 is popular in youth sailing programs and clubs that focus on developing competitive sailing skills.


The Byte is a single-handed dinghy ideal for lighter sailors, particularly youth and smaller adults, with a Portsmouth Yardstick number of around 1140. It is popular in the UK, especially in clubs with active youth programs. Alternatives such as the Topper, RS Tera, and ILCA 4 offer similar performance and are well-suited for training and competitive sailing, catering to a range of skill levels and sailing preferences.

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Byte for Sale

Byte Mk1

Byte Mk1

Byte MK1 Metal trolley launch with new tyres 6 month old top quality cover Based in West Mersea Any questions please ask.

Price: £450.00
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Date posted - 06/04/2024