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Laser 1 (ILCA)

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The Laser sailing dinghy, now officially known as the ILCA dinghy, is a renowned single-handed boat designed for sailors of all ages and abilities. Designed by Bruce Kirby in 1969, the Laser is celebrated for its simplicity, durability, and performance. It features a single sail, a lightweight and easily transportable hull, and minimal rigging, making it accessible to beginners while still offering the performance and challenge required by advanced sailors. The strict one-design nature of the Laser ensures that all boats are virtually identical, emphasizing sailor skill over equipment advantages, which has contributed to its popularity in competitive racing.

Laser ILCA Regatta - racing downwind

Performance Data – Sailing Experience

The Laser has a Portsmouth Yardstick number that varies depending on the rig size: approximately 1213 for the Laser 4.7 (ILCA 4), 1154 for the Laser Radial (ILCA 6), and 1102 for the Laser Standard (ILCA 7). These numbers reflect its competitive performance across a wide range of wind conditions, making it a versatile choice for sailors. The boat is designed to be sailed by one person, focusing on individual skill and tactical decision-making. Its straightforward design and responsive handling make it a favourite in sailing schools and racing circuits, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie and competition among sailors.

Massive Global Fleets

The Laser is popular worldwide, with strong fleets in Europe, North America, Australasia, and many other regions. It has been an Olympic class since 1996, solidifying its status as a premier racing dinghy. The Laser class association is very active, organizing numerous regattas, championships, and training events globally. This robust support network ensures continuous interest and participation in the class, making the Laser a staple in sailing communities around the world.

Two Laser Alternatives - new and old

Two other boats with similar performance characteristics to the Laser are the RS Aero and the Sunfish. The RS Aero is a modern, single-handed dinghy that emphasizes lightweight construction and advanced materials, offering performance comparable to the Laser with a Portsmouth Yardstick number around 1046. Its contemporary design and responsive handling have quickly made it a favourite among sailors seeking a fresh and exhilarating sailing experience. The Sunfish, another classic single-handed boat, features a distinctive lateen sail and a simple, durable design. With a Portsmouth Yardstick number of approximately 99.6, it offers slightly different handling characteristics but remains popular for recreational sailing and racing, especially in North America. Both the RS Aero and Sunfish provide exciting alternatives for those looking to explore single-handed sailing at a competitive level.

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Laser Dinghy for Sale

Laser 1 sailing dinghy with full and radial rigs

Laser 1 sailing dinghy with full and radial rigs

Laser 1 sailing dinghy Sail no. 137126, with 2 standard size sails, Harken XD rigging, foil bag, gorilla tiller, cover, launching trolley and road trailer. Launching trolley and road trailer converted to a combi trailer. Tows well. Also comes with radial lower mast and two radial sails. Good condition and ready to sail. No damage or repairs to hull. Mast step holds water. More photos available on request. Has been well looked after. Lots more photos available (just couldn't upload them). £1500 or sensible offer

Price: £1,500.00
Posted in - Laser 1 (ILCA)
Date posted - 14/06/2024
ILCA Laser 207287

ILCA Laser 207287

Laser 207287. Standard and Radial. Gunwhale hung launching trolley Very good condition. Watertight hull, never taken in a drop of water. 4 sails: Mk2 genuine standard 7/10, Mk2 replica standard 5/10, Mk1 genuine standard 4/10, genuine radial 4/10. GRP foils in great condition. Foil bag. Rooster top and bottom covers. Photos available on request. Available to view in Washington, Tyne and Wear.

Price: £3,100.00
Posted in - ILCA (Laser)
Tyne & Wear
Date posted - 22/01/2024
Listing marked as sold.Laser

Laser This listing is marked as sold.

Laser super condition, ready to race in '24 Laser sail number 193802, 2008 year. Unused in 2022 and used once in 2023 Bought this Laser intending to improve my sailing skills, but I was somewhat over-confident; this boat is far too good for my sailing ability! It has been a race winner in N Norfolk and beyond, I am not! Hull stiff and in excellent condition Always stored inside in the dry over Winter and under cover in summer; beautifully maintained Top cover (Blue Rooster new autumn 2023) Aluminium launch trolley with solid wheels o Laser top mast o Laser…

Price: £1,500.00
Posted in - ILCA (Laser)
Date posted - 03/04/2024
Laser Standard 186371 For Sale

Laser Standard 186371 For Sale

This is a classic Laser Standard competitively priced for a quick pre-season sale. The boat has not been sailed for over three years and is in good condition. The hull has some cosmetic repairs. The laser comes with: Brand new Centreboard; Refurbished Rudder Blade now as new; Brand new Traveller; Brand new Rooster Toe Strap Adjuster; Brand new Rooster Toe Strap; Brand new Clew Strap; The Mast and spars are in excellent condition, it comes with an 8:1 Cunningham/XD Control Lines/Carbon Fibre Tiller and Extension/Foil Bag/Brand new Matt Grey Rooster Top Cover/Launching Trolley/Mk2 Radial Cut Sail

Price: £1,700.00
Posted in - ILCA (Laser)
Date posted - 03/03/2024