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29er Skiff Sales & Class Information

29er Racing Skiffs for Sale at Dinghymart - Class Information and Boat Sales

All images courtesy of 29er Class Association

“We are the UK 29er Class Association – arguably the UK’s best youth class. The 29er is a high performance skiff – a two person, single trapeze dinghy with an asymmetric spinnaker. Fully battened sails, with a self tacking jib, supported on a composite tipped mast make the 29er dynamite downwind. Getting started in the class could not be easier as we run a comprehensive training programme including open training and squads. ” quote from 29er Class Association

“We believe you should be out there racing so we encourage all of our new sailors to come to our events. As a RYA recognised class, we have a well organised and competitive national circuit along with a lively international series of events for those willing to travel. It’s pure, unadulterated, high octane sailing.quote from 29er Class Association

Closest Dinghies to the 29er

The following information was provided by the Class Association when asked to provide a list of boats most similar to the 29er in terms of crew weight, performance, and ease of sailing. The 29er is quite a unique boat so this isn’t such an easy question. Closest in terms of a 2 person, performance sailing dinghy with a single trapeze is the 420 (PY 1105). Closest as a competitive youth class boat with a large National fleet – the RS Feva XL (PY 1244). However, it must be noted that neither of these offer the same level of high octane sailing as the 29er

29er Portsmouth Yardstick

The Portsmouth Yardstick is used to calculate the performance of mixed classes of boats in a handicap race. The lower the PY the faster the boat. For illustration – a Dart 18 has a PY of 832, a Laser 1 ILCA7 has a PY of 1100 and a Topper has a PY of 1365. More information and later PY numbers can be found here – RYA PY

  • 29er PY number is currently 903


All photographs were supplied by Hannah Bristow from the UK 29er Class Association with kind consent to publish on Dinghy Mart

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29er Sailing Skiffs for Sale

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